Sony intends to promote its J-pop groups through blockchain

Sony has announced that it has initiated a partnership with a blockchain firm: Gaudiy. This will in particular promote the J-pop groups belonging to the Japanese multinational.

Sony relies on blockchain for its J-pop groups

The news was reported by local media outlet Bitcoin Profit. The commercial alliance between Sony and Gaudiy will “ promote the num e authorization of new areas and create new experience s users“ . It is the fans of J-pop, the Japanese equivalent of K-pop, who will be primarily targeted by this new initiative from Sony.

CoinPost reports blockchain-based testing for “ fans of idol groups” without specifying what the precise use of distributed ledger technologies will be. However, we know that it will be a question of digitizing the entertainment sector and “ creating opportunities to interact directly with users “ .

Sony owns a very diverse range of intellectual property, which goes beyond music, of course with video games and popular manga characters for example

Gaudiy therefore expects this huge catalog to be gradually digitized thanks to the blockchain.

For the moment, the bridges between fans and blockchain had mainly been built in the field of sport . Several football clubs have launched tokens for fans, including Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) at the start of the year. In the field of K-pop, however, we note a surprise collaboration between browser Brave and BTS during the summer.

4 November Price Review: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LINK, BNB, LTC, DOT, ADA, BSV

After reaching a new annual high, Bitcoin traders are struggling to turn the $14,100 into support and Ethereum is trying to do the same with the $400 level.

Today the Bitcoin price (BTC) briefly broke through the $14,100 resistance to hit a new yearly high of $14,259 before falling back to test the $14,100 support level.

Although this level is a critical resistance, the data suggests that the Bitcoin whales are in no hurry to close their positions, as they expect the current upward movement to continue. This strong show of confidence comes even as there is great uncertainty over the outcome of the US presidential election, which indicates that market participants expect the price of Bitcoin to rise even higher regardless of who wins the election.

Another bullish signal for Bitcoin is the record inflow of $215 million into Grayscale’s Bitcoin trust last week. This indicates that, along with the whales, institutional investors are also optimistic about Bitcoin’s prospects.

If investors continue to invest money in Grayscale at the current rate, the fund could own around 2.7% of Bitcoin’s current supply in approximately three weeks time.

During the 2017 bull market, the main driver of Bitcoin’s price action was the cash market. Since then, however, crypto-derivative volumes have increased, according to Kraken’s November report.

Spot volumes peaked at US$570 billion in Q1 2018, but fell „to a low of US$104 billion almost two years later,“ but „the notional derivative volume shot up from less than US$6 billion in Q2 2017 to more than US$1.7 billion in Q3 2020,“ the report added.

While the data suggests greater involvement of professional traders and institutional investors, do technical aspects project higher levels for Bitcoin and altcoins?

Let’s study the charts for the top 10 crypt currencies to find out.


Bearishers could not even bring Bitcoin (BTC) down to the 20-day exponential moving average (USD 13,057) in the last few days, which showed that the bulls were in no hurry to pull out their gains. This could have attracted another round of buying which has brought the price to a new annual high of USD 14.259 today.

The rising moving averages and the relative strength index in the overbought zone suggest that the bullish market is leading the way. If they can keep the price above USD 14.102, the next stage of the upward movement may begin. The next major resistance is near USD 16,200.

However, the RSI still shows signs of negative divergence, which generally acts as a reliable warning signal that momentum may be waning. But in a strong uptrend, divergence can be a false signal unless the price moves down.

This upward view will be invalidated if the price falls from current levels and the BTC/USD pair falls below the 20-day EMA.

Such a move will suggest that the bearish players are trying to get back into the game and are likely to gain strength if the pair sinks below the USD 12.460 support.


The bulls bought during fall to the uptrend line on November 3 and have followed it up with a break of the downtrend line and the USD 395 resistance today. This suggests that the short term correction in Ether (ETH) may be over.

The 20-day EMA (USD 388) has begun to rise and the RSI has jumped into positive territory, suggesting that the bullish momentum has the upper hand. If they can push the ETH/USD above USD 420, the rally may extend to USD 450 and later to USD 488,134.

This bullish view will be nil if the pair falls from current levels or from the upper resistance level and falls below the 50-day simple moving average (USD 372).


The bulls bought back during the drop to USD 0.2295 support on 3 November, but were unable to push XRP above the moving averages. This suggests that the bearish side is aggressively defending this resistance.

The 20-day EMA (USD 0.244) falling and the RSI in negative territory suggest that the bearishers have the upper hand.

If they can push the price below USD 0.2295, the XRP/USD could plummet to USD 0.219712. A fall below this support may resume the downward trend, with the next support at USD 0.19.

Contrary to this assumption, if the pair rebounds from current levels and rises above the moving averages, a few more days of limited range action are likely.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fell to USD 231.93 on November 3rd, but the bullish side bought during this fall as seen from the long tail of the candle. Again today, buyers intervened and bought during the drop to USD 230.90.

This strong rebound suggests that the bulls are trying to aggressively defend the USD 231.93 support. However, the 20-day EMA (USD 255) moving lower and the RSI below 42 suggest that the bearishers are holding the reins of the pair.

Therefore, it is likely that the bearish move will be a sell off on the 20-day EMA rally. If the BCH/USD falls from current levels or from the upper resistance level and falls below USD 231.93, the decline could extend to USD 210 and then USD 200.

This negative view will be invalidated if the pair regains its momentum and rises above the 20-day EMA. If this occurs, the pair could rise again to the USD 272 resistance zone to USD 280.


Chainlink (LINK) fell below the bullish trend line today, but the bulls bought during the drop to the USD 9.7665 support. However, bearish traders will try to stop the movement in the 20-day EMA (USD 11) and once again at USD 11,199.

Both moving averages are down and the RSI is below 44, suggesting that the bearish move is in the ascendancy. If the bearish move can sink the price below USD 9.7665, the LINK/USD could fall to USD 8.3817 and then USD 6.90.

This bearish view will be invalidated if bullish players take advantage of the current rebound and push the price above USD 11,199. Such a move will increase the possibility that we will see a rise to USD 13.28.


Binance Coin (BNB) closed below USD 28.43 on 2 November, completing a double-top pattern. This configuration targets the USD 24.86, but the bulls are attempting to defend support at the USD 25.6652.

However, the 20-day EMA (USD 28) falling and the RSI below 37 suggest that the path of least resistance is downward. If the bearish move sinks the price below USD 25.6652, the downward movement could resume, with the next major support at USD 22.

This downward view will be invalid if the bulls buy during the current downturn and take the BNB/USD back above USD 28.43. Such a move will open the possibility of a rally to the USD 32.


Bullishers aggressively bought Litecoin (LTC) in the drop to USD 51.2027 on November 3 and again bought during the drop to USD 51.6109 today, as seen in the long candlestick lines. This suggests that the bulls are defending the support zone between USD 52.36 and USD 51.

If buyers can hold the price above the 20-day EMA (USD 53), it is possible to go up to USD 56.50. However, the flat 20-day EMA and the RSI just above the mid-point suggest a balance between supply and demand.

If the LTC/USD falls from its current levels, then bearish traders will try to push the price below the support zone again. If successful, sales may intensify and the pair could fall to the next support level at USD 46.


Bearers are currently trying to bring Polkadot (DOT) below USD 3.80. If they can do that, the altcoin could fall to the critical support at USD 3.5321. A fall below this support could initiate a new downtrend.

Both of these moving averages are falling and the RSI continues to ride out the negative zone, suggesting that the downtrend has the upper hand. With a fall below USD 3.5321, the downward movement could extend to USD 2.60 and then USD 2.00.

This bearish view will be invalidated if the bulls defend the USD 3.80 support zone at USD 3.5321 and push the price above the moving averages. Such a move could keep the DOT/USD in a limited range for a few more days.


The long tail of the November 3rd candlestick shows that bullish drivers are buying Cardano (ADA) during the drop to USD 0.0893, but today’s price action suggests that they are unable to maintain momentum at higher levels.

The 20-day EMA (USD 0.0990) falling and the RSI in the negative zone suggest that the bearish move is in full swing. Therefore, they may try to sell on the fall to the 20-day EMA. If the ADA/USD falls below USD 0.0893, it could plunge to USD 0.0755701.

This negative view will be invalidated if bulls can push the price above the moving averages. In such a case, a move up to USD 0.104044 and then to USD 0.1142241 is possible.


Bitcoin SV (BSV) rebounded above USD 145.20 on November 3, with the bulls once again attempting to bounce back above the USD 146.12 level today. This suggests that the bulls are building up on the declines towards the USD 146.20 support zone to USD 135.

However, unless the bulls push the price back above the trend line and the moving averages in the next few days, the bears will again attempt to push the BSV/USD below the support zone.

If they have their way, the pair could begin a new downward trend that could result in a drop to USD 100. The 20-day EMA (USD 164) falling and the RSI in negative territory suggest that the path of least resistance is downward.

Chainalysis‘ new analysis programme aims to help authorities with confiscated cryptomoney

What happens to cryptoactives used in harmful activities once they are confiscated by the authorities? The new Chainalysis programme helps to search through the rubble.

In the 11 years since the crypto industry began, malicious parties have used digital assets for a range of illegal activities, from drug payments to money laundering. The blockchain analysis firm, Chainalysis, is launching a new service to help authorities track, safeguard and sell cryptosystems associated with crime once they are confiscated. The firm calls the initiative its Asset Realization Program.

That’s why bullish marketers aren’t worried about Friday’s expiration of $525 million in Bitcoin options.
„Chainalysis created an end-to-end solution for tracking and tracing, pre-seizure planning, handling, storage, enforcement and tracking of assets seized by law enforcement,“ Chainalysis EMEA CEO Duncan Hoffman told Cointelegraph.

With its new program, Chainalysis aims to help clients in a number of ways, including the presentation and sale of confiscated digital assets, stopping the circulation of assets that were once used illegally, and getting them to flow legally back into the ecosystem, according to Hoffman’s comments.

Simple in practice: Crypto-education is key to stopping phishing scams
Several high-profile and minor crimes have involved crypto-currency in recent years, including hacking, terrorist financing and other events.

More recently, nearly US$1 billion in crypt coins connected to Silk Road, an infamous drug market closed seven years ago, changed hands. The U.S. Department of Justice, or DoJ, subsequently filed a request to take control of the funds from an unknown hacker, which explains the change of address of the wallet. Chainalysis worked with authorities on the case, according to a statement by Chainalysis provided to Cointelegraph.

U.S. Congressmen say the OCC is heavily focused on cryptomonies under the administration of Brian Brooks
The Chainalysis Asset Realisation Programme focuses on the use by government agencies, as well as insolvency practitioners, of players representing insolvent entities, although the programme is also open to other interested individuals.

As part of the initiative, Chainalysis partnered with Asset Reality, a company already working in the confiscated assets niche. The firm will work with Chainalysis on multiple processes, including the sale of confiscated funds.

Report: Cryptomoney crimes fall in 2020, but DeFi hacks are on the rise
Governments have intensified their commitment to cryptomonies in 2020, gaining more confidence in enforcing regulatory laws.

Laut Tone Vays von Crypto Analyst ist der Bitcoin-Ausbruch noch nicht vorbei, 300% Rallye wahrscheinlich innerhalb von sechs Monaten

Der erfahrene Kryptostratege Tone Vays sagt, dass der große Bitcoin Evolution Ausbruch mehr Benzin im Tank hat.

In einem neuen Video erklärt Vays, warum er glaubt, dass die zinsbullische Rallye, die Bitcoin über den Widerstand von 12.000 USD gebracht hat, noch nicht vorbei ist

„Genau das ist eine Art Vorahnung für die Zukunft. Wir haben immer noch dieses Dreieck hier und wir können uns immer noch in dieses Dreieck zurückziehen, aber ich denke, dass es im Moment immer noch genug FOMO (Angst vor dem Verpassen) gibt, um uns höher in diesen hohen Bereich von 13.000 USD zu bringen. “

Da sich Bitcoin mit 14.000 US-Dollar seinem nächsten Widerstandsniveau nähert, prognostiziert der Krypto-Analyst, dass die Marktteilnehmer anfangen werden, Gewinne mitzunehmen.

„Diese Verschnaufpause könnte eine horizontale Konsolidierung sein, oder diese Verschnaufpause könnte ein Rückzug bis auf 12.000 USD oder sogar nur 11.500 USD sein.“

Obwohl Vays eine Korrektur am Horizont sieht, ist er in Bezug auf die weltweit dominanteste Kryptowährung langfristig optimistisch.

„Die monatliche Ansicht wird großartig sein. Wir werden als zweithöchster Monat aller Zeiten schließen und wir haben die Chance, zum höchsten Monat aller Zeiten zu schließen, wenn wir bei 14.000 USD schließen können. Das wäre der höchste Monatsabschluss aller Zeiten, was auch absolut großartig wäre.“

Vays hebt auch seine aktuellen persönlichen Gefühle zu BTC hervor

„Ich bin gerade verdammt bullisch. Ich weiß nicht, ob das dumm ist oder nicht, aber ich bin verdammt bullisch. Ich war seit Anfang 2017 nicht mehr so ​​bullisch. “

In Bezug auf seine langfristige BTC-Prognose glaubt der erfahrene Händler, dass Bitcoin bereit ist, innerhalb der nächsten sechs Monate eine massive Rallye auszulösen.

„Lass uns hier vernünftig sein. Nehmen wir an, wir haben einen Zug von 300%. Das bringt uns auf 50.000 Dollar. “

Les barils de bitcoin à 12 000 dollars : les investisseurs envisagent un découplage du S&P 500

Le prix du bitcoin a montré son indépendance par rapport au S&P 500.

La BTC s’approche des 12 000 dollars, tandis que les actions ont chuté en raison de l’échec des négociations sur le plan de relance.

Les investisseurs du bitcoin attendent un découplage des actions.

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Le Trust Project est un consortium international d’organismes de presse qui établit des normes de transparence.

Bitcoin BTC S&P 500
Le prix du bitcoin a démarré la semaine en fanfare après avoir gagné environ 2 % et s’être rapproché du seuil psychologiquement important de 12 000 dollars. Les États-Unis ne font plus la politique de l’autruche en ce qui concerne la monnaie numérique de la banque centrale, et les marchés de la cryptographie en général ont fait du surplace.

Les investisseurs en cryptographie ont poussé un soupir de soulagement après que le prix du bitcoin ait finalement pris le chemin le moins fréquenté par les actions, ces dernières étant devenues négatives suite à l’échec des négociations sur le plan de relance du coronavirus. Cette divergence a démontré l’indépendance du bitcoin par rapport au S&P 500, avec lequel il a montré des signes de corrélation tout au long de la pandémie.

Ivan on Tech, qui compte plus de 83 000 adeptes sur Twitter, a souligné la séparation entre les deux classes d’actifs sur Twitter. Le Bitcoin Evolution bull a également laissé entendre que 20 000 dollars de la CTB sont en vue en 2020, mais qu’il faut d’abord passer la résistance au niveau des 12 000 dollars.

Bitcoin vs. actions
Les bitcoins peuvent être volatils, mais les actions peuvent être délicates et après avoir commencé la journée en vert, les choses ont tourné au sud lorsque les perspectives d’un plan de relance contre les coronavirus se sont à nouveau détériorées. Mais cette fois, le bitcoin a pris le chemin le moins fréquenté, prouvant qu’il a toujours son propre esprit.

Au début de ce mois, le vétéran des fonds spéculatifs Keith McCullough, qui est à la tête de Hedgeye Risk Management, a laissé tomber bitcoin, en disant à l’époque,

„De toute évidence, bitcoin avait besoin d’être stimulé.“

Cette décision a suscité la colère des investisseurs en cryptocrédit, mais McCullough ne faisait que suivre sa stratégie de risque. Entre-temps, il a souligné début octobre que „bitcoin n’aime pas sa corrélation inverse actuelle avec le dollar“. Il n’a pas fallu longtemps au bitcoin pour sortir de ce cycle, et McCullough a dû le remarquer car ces derniers jours, il a déclaré qu’il „grignotait“ encore une fois une certaine CTB. Et le 19 octobre, le chef du Hedgeye a bouclé la boucle, en disant qu’il voyait „une hausse immédiate“ du prix du bitcoin. Les investisseurs en cryptocurrences auraient pu lui dire cela.

Monnaie numérique de la banque centrale
Le vent sous les ailes de bitcoin semble être quelques commentaires issus de la conférence virtuelle du Fonds monétaire international à laquelle le président de la Fed, Jerome Powell, a participé. Powell est loin d’être un taureau de bitcoin, mais il a reconnu que la banque centrale explore les avantages et les inconvénients d’une monnaie numérique. L’analyste de Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, a écrit dans une note,

„Nous voyons bitcoin émerger comme une oasis relative de calme et de surperformance. Il ne fait aucun doute que la technologie et la numérisation vont continuer à progresser, mais l’offre de bitcoin va continuer à se réduire, ce qui en soutiendra le prix“.

Le découplage du bitcoin du S&P 500 a été long à venir. Mais le bitcoin n’est pas encore sorti du bois avant d’avoir finalement réussi à franchir la barre des 12 000 dollars.

Uma questão de caixas eletrônicos de três bitcoin no Tesla Gigafactories da Elon Musk

LibertyX afirma que existem três caixas eletrônicos Bitcoin nos sites da Tesla, mas Elon Musk é cético.

Em resumo

  • Três caixas eletrônicos nos sites da Tesla parecem permitir agora a compra de Bitcoin.
  • Elon Musk sugeriu inicialmente que a história não é verdadeira.
  • O LibertyX confirmou desde então a atualização das mídias sociais.

Uma questão de três caixas eletrônicos Bitcoin – todos nos sites da Tesla em Nevada e Califórnia – não conseguiu chegar ao Twitter.

Will Reeves, CEO da Bitcoin premia o app Fold, tweeted sábado que há um ATM Bitcoin em uma gigafactory da Tesla. LibertyX, fabricante dos ATMs Bitcoin, acompanhou esta afirmação afirmando que existem, de fato, três ATMs Bitcoin em três gigafábricas nos EUA. E ainda assim, o CEO da Tesla, Elon Musk, diz o contrário.

Parece que a confusão foi criada pelo fato de que os caixas eletrônicos Bitcoin não são máquinas Bitcoin dedicadas. Até recentemente eles eram apenas caixas eletrônicos normais, de acordo com LibertyX funcionário LibertyX_Chris na Reddit. Uma vez enviados, os caixas eletrônicos podem ser atualizados para oferecer características adicionais, tais como a capacidade de comprar Bitcoin.

„Sim, é real. Três caixas eletrônicos tradicionais que nós atualizamos para também vender bitcoin. Só aberto aos funcionários (e potencialmente aos visitantes quando voltarem a abrir para passeios turísticos)“, disse LibertyX_Chris na Reddit.

Agora os caixas eletrônicos oferecem Bitcoin com uma taxa de 8%. Os caixas eletrônicos são apenas para compra por enquanto, mas isto também pode mudar no futuro. „Espero ter um anúncio sobre [a venda do Bitcoin] em breve“, acrescentou o funcionário da LibertyX.

De acordo com o CEO da LibertyX, Chris Yim, a atualização dos caixas eletrônicos tradicionais aconteceu há apenas alguns meses. Isto pode explicar porque o Musk não está ciente. Este é um homem construindo simultaneamente carros elétricos, cavando um túnel e enviando carros para o espaço, afinal – apesar de ser dono de 0,25 BTC.

„Elon, 0,25 BTC não é suficiente, e agora que você pode comprar bitcoin nos 3 caixas eletrônicos da Gigafactory, você nem precisa sair de casa“, disse LibertyX no Twitter.


Celsius bietet Bitfinex-Benutzern jetzt Renditen

Krypto-Lender Celsius bietet Bitfinex-Benutzern jetzt Renditen an

Mit mehr als 100.000 aktiven Nutzern seiner App ermöglicht Celsius den Inhabern von Ethereum einen Verdienst von bis zu 9,65%.

Kryptowährungsumtausch Bitfinex ist eine neue Partnerschaft mit Celsius Network, einer Plattform für die Ausleihe und Kreditaufnahme von Kryptowährungen laut Bitcoin Evolution, eingegangen, um seinen Kunden eine Rendite von bis zu 6,2% APY auf Bitcoin zu ermöglichen.

In dem Bestreben, mehr Investoren zu gewinnen, können Bitfinex-Benutzer nun ihre Gelder im Rahmen der neuen Partnerschaft zwischen der beliebten Börse und dem Kryptokreditgeber zur Erzielung jährlicher Renditen einsetzen.

Begleiten Sie Ihre Branchenführer auf dem virtuellen Gipfel 2020 der Finanzmagnaten: Registrieren Sie sich und stimmen Sie für die FMLS-Auszeichnungen ab

Mit mehr als 100.000 aktiven Nutzern seiner App ermöglicht Celsius den Inhabern von Ethereum außerdem eine Quote von bis zu 9,65%.

Die beiden Unternehmen enthüllten viele Details zu den Vertragsbedingungen

Im Rahmen der Partnerschaft ermöglicht die Integration Bitfinex-Kunden, direkt eine Brieftasche mit Celsius zu erstellen und zu verwalten, ohne die Kryptoplattform zu verlassen. Zudem können sie ihren Krypto jederzeit von Celsius zurückziehen, ohne Sperrfristen und ohne Gebühren für Ein- oder Auszahlungen.

Die Zinsen werden täglich aufgezinst, aufgezinst und in wöchentlichen Abständen von Celsius gezahlt, und die Benutzer haben die Möglichkeit, nach Ablauf ihrer ursprünglichen Laufzeit automatisch für weitere Zeiträume zu verlängern.

„Unsere Integration mit Bitfinex erweitert die Mission und den Fokus beider Unternehmen, die nächsten 100 Millionen Menschen in die Krypto-Community zu bringen und es zu tun, während wir Gutes tun, bevor es uns allen gut geht. Die Verpflichtung von Celsius, unsere Benutzer mit 80% des von uns geschaffenen Wertes zu belohnen, steht nun allen Bitfinex-Kunden zur Verfügung“, sagte Alex Mashinsky, CEO von Celsius.

Celsius verspricht sich von der Erweiterung auch mehr Liquidität für seine Plattform. Das Start-up verleiht die Vermögenswerte an Bergarbeiter, Investmentfonds, Privatanleger und andere Unternehmen für digitale Vermögenswerte „auf garantierter und besicherter Basis“. Es ermöglicht laut Bitcoin Evolution den Kunden auch den Zugang zu verschiedenen Dienstleistungen, wie z.B. die Hinterlegung digitaler Vermögenswerte in der Brieftasche von Celsius und die Verwendung ihrer Kryptowährungen als Sicherheit für Fiat-Kredite. Achtzig Prozent der Erträge aus diesen Einheiten werden an die Inhaber weitergegeben, sagt das Unternehmen.

Das im Jahr 2017 gegründete Celsius Network bietet eine dezentralisierte Kreditplattform, die es Kunden von Stablecoin-Emittenten, Börsen und Brieftaschen ermöglicht, bis zu zehn Prozent Zinsen auf ihre Kryptoaktien zu erhalten. Anfang dieses Jahres hat es seit seiner Einführung vor zwei Jahren mehr als 50.000 Bitcoin in Einlagen – im Wert von über 568 Millionen Dollar – erhalten.

Bitcoin-pris sjunker till 10 525 dollar när lager också faller (Market Watch)

10 miljarder dollar har gått från kryptomarknaden eftersom Bitcoin Trader och det mest alternativa myntet är djupt i rött. BTC har återigen följt Wall Street.

Bitcoin har inte lyckats upprätthålla sin senaste hausseartade körning och har sjunkit till cirka 10 600 dollar. De flesta alternativa mynt har efterliknat BTC: s drag, vilket resulterat i en förlust på 10 miljarder dollar från det totala börsvärdet.

Bitcoin misslyckas med 10 800 $

Som rapporterades igår hade Bitcoin reagerat positivt på nyheter om att USA: s president Donald Trump lämnade sjukhuset efter några dagar och återvände till Vita huset. Den primära kryptovalutan, kopieringsvinster på Wall Street, accelererade i pris och nådde en topp på 10 800 dollar.

Situationen har dock vänt under det senaste dygnet. Bitcoin kunde inte behålla sin körning och sjönk kraftigt från 10 750 $ till ett lågt intradag på 10 525 $ (på Binance). Trots att den sedan har återhämtat sig till över $ 10 600 är BTC fortfarande nere med över 1% på en dag.

Med sin flytt söderut har Bitcoin återigen liknat prisutvecklingen på Wall Street. De tre mest framträdande amerikanska aktiemarknadsindexen stängde tisdagens handelssession i rött.

Dow Jones Industrial Average och S&P 500 sjönk med cirka 1,4%, medan Nasdaq förlorade nästan 1,6%.

Rött dominerar altcoin-marknaden eftersom de flesta mynt har följt Bitcoin på väg ner. Ethereum har tankat med cirka 4% och handlar under 340 $.

Efter några dagar med imponerande prisprestanda har Ripple också tappat en betydande del av värdet (5,3%). XRP har sjunkit till $ 0,245

Bitcoin Cash (-1%) har utnyttjat BNB-dumpningen på 5% och har tagit femte plats. Polkadot (-8%) och Chainlink (-9%) är de viktigaste förlorarna från topp 10.

Ytterligare förluster är uppenbara från lägre och medelstora altcoins. Ocean Protocol (-20%) leder denna negativa ranking. Elrond (-19%), Aave (-18%), Yearn.Finance (-17%), Midas Touch Gold (-16%), Solana (-15%), Uniswap (-15%), Uma (- 14%), Kusama (-14%) och Balancer (-14%) är bara en del av de tvåsiffriga representanterna för prisfall.

Med så mycket rött spritt över fältet har det totala marknadspriset känt konsekvenserna. Det kumulativa börsvärdet för alla kryptovalutor har sjunkit från 342 miljarder dollar till 332 miljarder dollar.

Bitcoin’s current market is similar to that of 2016

It has been three years since the most important rally in the history of the most popular cryptomone. Currently, the Bitcoin market presents characteristics that assimilate it to the period prior to the aforementioned 2017 rally.

This is stated by the major analysis firm Grayscale in its recently published report Valuing Bitcoin. Price behavior and adoption by major investors, coupled with conditions of likely widespread fiat money inflation, could lead Bitcoin to a new bull run.

Considering that this year the Bitcoin market hit bottom, and that now, just 4 months later, this cryptomone currency has come back to life, one can conclude that there is a powerhouse that is close to exploding the price with proportions comparable to those of 2017.

Bitcoin’s current market is also post Halving

Another important aspect to understand the qualities of the current Bitcoin market is that we are waiting for the respective post-Halving explosion. It should be remembered that after every Halving, the deflationary nature of Bitcoin pushes up prices significantly.

In the first two Bitcoin Halves, (2012 and 2016) the price of this crypt currency skyrocketed. The period for this to happen was approximately one year after the cut. Now, it’s been three months since Halving and the feeling that the rise to balance the current Bitcoin market is still missing is latent.

The Halves are events that happen in some crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, which occurs every 4 years. This event consists of cutting in half the reward paid by the Blockchain network to the miners for each valid block processed.

Bitcoin Futures Market Rising

Similarities to 2016 behavior
For Grayscale, the current market conditions for Bitcoin Rejoin are extremely similar to those prior to the historic rally. „It’s very similar to the early 2016 structure before the start of the bull run the following year,“ the report explains.

On the other hand, Grayscale believes that government actions to try to keep the economy afloat in pandemic conditions can benefit Bitcoin. That’s because investors are looking to keep their income safe, and the main cryptomoney, in that sense, functions as a safe haven.

An excess of money in circulation leads directly to inflation. This is one of the phenomena most feared by investors. Announcements by the US Federal Reserve to print „infinite money“ are pushing investors every day to adopt Bitcoin, making the current market for that crypt enter a boom phase again.

Gråtoner: Bitcoin-prisen kommer til å øke igjen snart

Grayscale Investments har kunngjort at prisen på bitcoin potensielt kan eksplodere i løpet av de kommende månedene gitt hvor mye bitcoin etterligner sin oppførsel i 2016.

Gråtoner: Forvent at Bitcoin skal bli mer bullish

I en fersk rapport skriver den institusjonelle kryptohandlingsplattformen:

Den nåværende bitcoin- markedsstrukturen er parallell med begynnelsen av 2016 før [bitcoin] begynte sin historiske oksekjøring. Midt i enestående monetær og finanspolitisk stimulans, søker investorer etter måter å beskytte mot et stadig voksende monetært tilbud. På grunn av bitcoin sine unike kvaliteter – som dets verifiserbare knapphet og en forsyning som ikke kan kontrolleres av en sentral myndighet – tror vi at den kan utnyttes som et lager av verdi og som en måte å unnslippe denne store monetære inflasjonen.

Når man ser på Grayscales ord, er det lett å anta at selskapet – som mange analytikere og handelsmenn i dag – ser på bitcoin som en potensiell „sikker havn“, eller noe som kan sikre ens formue mot tøffe økonomiske omstendigheter. For eksempel har USAs økonomi blitt hardt rammet de siste månedene gitt coronavirus-pandemi . Den amerikanske dollaren har også blitt svekket.

Dermed kan bitcoin potensielt gi folk tilgang til finansiell stabilitet som tradisjonell fiat-valuta ikke lenger kan, og Grayscale peker på flere faktorer i bitcoin som kan føre til at prisen øker ytterligere.

Men hvis det er sant, hvorfor faller da bitcoin fra sent? Valutaen har opplevd noe av en ulempe i den siste bølgen av lykke til. Eiendelen traff raskt 12 400 dollar-merket tidligere i uken, men dette så ikke ut til å vare lenge. Valutaen falt da så lavt som $ 11 500, noe som betyr at nesten 1000 dollar i prisen gikk tapt. I skrivende stund har valutaen satt seg inn i området 11 600 dollar.

På toppen av det ser det ut til at bitcoin’s bearish oppførsel gnir bort på andre toppmynter. Nylig ble Chainlink (LINK) bevist seg som en topp-altcoin etter å ha flyttet inn blant de fem beste og innhentet et markedskapital på omtrent 20 millioner dollar. Én enhet av LINK handlet for over $ 20, men på pressetidspunktet har eiendelens pris falt med hele 25 prosent, noe som betyr at den lider enda mer enn bitcoin.

Hvorfor alle de plutselige endringene? Var piggene bare for mye for raske? Trengte disse myntene mer tid på å forberede seg, og kunne vi potensielt se flere dråper før Grayscales spådommer går i oppfyllelse?

Noen midlertidige tilbakeslag?

Joe DiPasquale – administrerende direktør i kryptosikringsfondet Bit Bull Capital – antydet at alt dette kan være midlertidig, og at bitcoin er i ferd med å bli mer hausse enn noen kunne forvente. Han sier:

Bitcoin nylig prisaksjon tok virkelig fart fra $ 10.000-nivået, noe som indikerer markedets tillit i det store trekket i slutten av juli. Fremover kan vi forvente at markedet vil lene seg på støttesonen mellom $ 11.000 og $ 11.500 for å konsolidere og prøve et nytt trykk over $ 12.000.